a lil color


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OH SHIT, thursday already?! This week is going by so fast! I actually have a week off now. I like to work, so I usually have a problem with using up all my vacation days, haha. So this year I've scheduelled in vacays here and there just to use it all up. I'm planning on relaxing a lot, but I'm also going to Stockholm a couple of days. I'm guessing it'll do me good to have a couple of days off. It felt sooo good to sleep longer than 05:30 today, haha! I can used to this (unfortunately..) It also feels real nice to have some time to really focus on the blog for a couple of days. I'm always stressed out since I don't really have the time.. But I love the blog too much to just quit. Today I'm going to a nice dinner together with Gina Tricot! I'll post on livestories like always. I'm very active there, so make sure to stop by! It's been raining a lot today, but I hope it stops so I can snap todays apparel! I love the shoes ♥

• • •

I picked up this sweater at work not to long ago and I really, really love the color and fit. It's such a pretty orange color, and I know that this is a good color on me which makes me wanna wear it a lot. I have so many college sweaters in my wardrobe, and I wear them way too much haha. I need more upper body options.. Now: back to slurping coffee and picture editing! Have a lovely thursday ♥

sweater - IRO, skirt - H&M, clutch - ALEXANDER WANG, shoes - NIKE



I love this color combo! Skirt and sweater are a great match :-* Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de
Luisa - La Mar,
Dagene går altfor fort! Men jeg elsker dette skjørtet og den genseren sammen 😉