almost an outfit

      2020 APPAREL

      WOW, I've become so bad at posing it's not even funny. I have barely had other people shot my looks in the last year and to say I'm out of practice is an understatement. A couple of years back I shot my looks every day and I knew what poses that worked for me. Now I'm useless, haha. And why is it that every time you try to discreetly have your picture taken, there are like 500 people you know that is going to walk by at that exact time? Ha ha. So you gotta be like "Heey, yeah, you know, just shooting some pictures of what I'm wearing, it's completely normal.........."

      I just checked out my category "2020 Apparel" and that is one sad category.. Gotta be better at just randomly shoot my looks during the week. Gotta get back to it!

      jacket H&M
      loafers TODS
      jeans ZARA
      sweater ISABEL MARANT
      bag VINTAGE