belt it part two

pictures: annabel

GOOD MORNING! Yuck, I feel like I havent blogged properly in ages. You probably don't even notice, but I havent had the time to do other blog posts than apparel. Which is cool, since theyre my favourite (and yours too I think) but I like to mix in other posts as well :-) I've just been so tied up with work, and probably will be for the next week (Until christmas eve at least, then I have a couple of days off!) I cant wait for the holidays! I have to buy almost all the gifts on sunday, ha ha, but I sort of have a plan so I think it will work out just fine. Im buying most of them at work anyways! In the last week I have probably beltet all of my jackets, so you better get used to this look, ha ha. Have a lovely wednesday, lovelies!

jacket - SURFACE TO AIR, belt - ISABEL MARANT, pants - H&M, shoes - ALEXANDER WANG, bag - BALENCIAGA, sweater - FWSS



Love the fluffy coat with the belt!
love the teddy coat