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New in: Balenciaga City

I just sort of stumbled upon this beauty a couple of days ago and couldnt help myself. It had to be mine! Ive been wanting a new Balenciaga City for ages, but when I travelled to London and Paris I just didnt find the right color. This color on the other hand. SO PURDY! A dark beautiful berry color! ♥ It has rosegold hardware, which works perfectly with the color. I sometimes think the HW takes away the focus from the actual bag, so Im not always a fan of ghw but in this case I love the combination. Okey, so I guess I could say Im not buying anymore bags for a while but if I do, im almost certain I will.. So.. Lets just see what happenes, im not promising anything.. ha ha!

Ive spent the day sleeping, looking at Ally McBeal (and now a movie) and also looking at trips to warmer destinations. Do you guys have any tips? I want a peacefull and quiet hotel practically on the beach. My focus is relaxation in private surrondings. HELP! So much to choose from, and I dont know where to start to look :-(



Hei:) Hvor har du kjøpt den?
Wow! Kjempefin!! Lucky you 😊
Såååå fin <3
it's gorgeous
Den var nydelig! Elsker fargen! Har selv en Balenciaga som er jeg såå glad i 😊
Victoria du Roure,
I have that bag in that color. I love it. It goes with everything year round. Perfection and no regrets. Victoria