birks - where to get em

Almost every day at work, I get questions about where to get birkenstocks. It seems this birk-wave has left Norway empty, ha ha! I really get why though, theyre so freakin comfy. After I bought mine in Paris, I had to force myself to wear other shoes..

black ones HERE, white ones HERE.

Ive been wearing mine a lot, I just dont fall into wearing them with EVERY outfit. So even though Im feeling like it every day when I dress for work, you wont see me wearing them every day .. I mean, theyre comfy but not a whole lot of exciting.. I been eyeing another pair, tho ♥ hah.



Så fine!! Har lyst på et par i Tabacco brown merker eg. Kordan er dei i størrelsen? Har du smal eller vanlig modell?