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One of the things I've been dying to put up in my apartment is a chandelier! I want one in my bedroom and/or in my living room, and I don't really know why I'm so obsessed with it, I just know that I need one in my life.

I've spent hours searching for the perfect ones on Etsy, which actually have quite many to choose from. I like my chandeliers in gold and sort of big and chunky, and even though I don't want it to get cheesy, I still want it to be a lot. I have three options for placements, it can be my bedroom, my office or my living room. I haven't decided if I want to put up one or two yet, but I'll guess I'll know as soon as I get the bedroom and the office ready as well. I initially wanted one in my livingroom, but I fear that it'll be too much with the other lamp I just put up over my dinner table (which I'll show you very soon!)

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