copper table

Find the table HERE
When I placed the order for the Tom Dixon lamp I also bought this at another online store. I have been lusting over a cool table to fill up with whatever suits my mood. Right now it stands pretty in my bedroom filled with some of my fave jewelery, a scented candle and an empty vase that I hope will get some flowers in it by the end of tomorrow (hint: MY BIRTHDAY!)

I've had yet another day filled with nausea, and havent been able to eat a lot. I'm eating watermelon and cherries, and that the only things I'm able to keep down it seems. Sucks big time, but I just have to take it day by day I guess..



Kristine B,
Love the tiny table! Hope you'll feel better soon! Coconut water always helps when I'm sick. You should try it!! 😊 - Kristine B
Ella J
Kjempe fint! Og god bedring 😊
Elsker bordet! Og den fine Missoniputen din 😃