2014 APPAREL
      pictures: annabel

      GOOD MORNING CHICAS! I totally forgot to press "publish" on this post yesterday, ha ha. Sorry bout dat! I had a busy day at work, then a little meeting with the lovely Alexander Sprekenhus people, then a few hours off and then I stopped by H&M´s vernissage at the Stenersen museum. I didnt take a lot of photos, but I will post some later on today. I have a pretty sweet day ahead of me, later Im going to Wah Wah to get a full on body scrub! Halleluja! Now I have to get this day going, I have some work to do before Im heading towards Wah Wah St. Hanshaugen ♥

      pants - H&M, sweater - FWSS, shoes - ZARA, bag - CELINE, earrings - VINTAGE, watch - MICHAEL KORS