everyday perfect

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GOOD MORNING, SWEETS. Today is a good day! I woke up slowly while Morten was stressing around before he left for work (hah!) and I am currently enjoying a slow and cozy morning. I just took the longest shower and now I'm surfing online and about to make myself some brekkie. And its FRIDAY as well! Since I'm going to Høyers 10 years anniversary tomorrow I think I will probably just chill at home with a movie and some candy. I'm working all day tomorrow before the party, so I have to get everything ready today. Sort of stressful, but hopefully my outfit works perfect the way I have planned it.

The little collage at top shows my current shopbop-faves. How cool is the shaggy Free Peoplejacket? Can really picture it with so much in my wardrobe! The Dannijo earcuff is just purdiness, and I really need to get my hands on a pair of those headphones. I hate those plugs that comes with when you buy a phone, and havent upgraded since.. Frends it is! ♥