feeling it out


I received a couple of new prints from
Poster Store a couple of weeks ago, and I'm currently trying to figure out where to hang them! I'm very happy with the Winter Morning poster in my bedroom, it has the perfect spot. It makes me calm to see the print each time I enter the bedroom. I think I want to put the other prints on the wall behind my couch, but I really liked them in the combo on the pictures in this post as well. The Blue Sky Birds print above looks perfect together with my plants and TV, and the Oaks Avenue print looks great together with my lamp and curtains and everything.

But I have a wall over my couch which currently just has a mirror hanging on it, and it really needs something more.

I tried to check out how it would look if I hung up my Astrid Wilson print but I prefer it on the right side of the mirror where it can hang alone! I ordered an
oak frame for that print while I was at it and it was just the perfect match for that print. So, what do you think? Should I put the new prints on the wall behind my couch, or just hang them up where they are placed in the pictures?

I'll give you an update as soon as I've gotten the prints up on the wall!