"fresh" flowers

Various pictures

Happy weekend! I feel like the days go by even quicker these days. I'm still just spending time at home, doing a mix of home office, yoga, eating lots of food and watching tv shows. The last week I've watched Kalifat, Unorthodox, a couple of episodes of Queen of the South, SATC and some documentaries. What are you watching these days?

I've had this bouquet for a while now, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. The colors are amazing, and the pretty vase makes it even better! I have just made a bread and I am currently making dinner, and since I watched Unorthodox today, I think I'll follow up with One of us. Okay, gotta get back to making dinner! Have a sweet saturday, my loves.



Aå söt bukett! Lite annorlunda sådär 😊