pictures: hanne

Let me start off by saying that I OF COURSE wore a jacket on top of this, this is what I wore inside at work. I wore my trusted white Ravn coat on top, and thought that you probably have seen enough of it. Aaaaand this was fridays apparel. Since I have the weekend off (that means no one to take pictures of what Im wearing) I made sure that I had enough post to fill up my days off.

I have the day off tomorrow as well, but Im heading in to Oslo to refill my lashes and a little blog-work so I'll probably manage to snap some pictures as well! Today has been a little work, a lot of relaxation and a lot of SOA. What have you guys been up to today?

Skirt - ZARA, leatherjacket - IRO, tshirt and bra - ANINE BING, shoes - NEW BALANCE, bag - BALENCIAGA, sunnies - HOUSE OF HARLOW




Fantastic outfit, I'm absolutely loving it!

Have a safe trip to Oslo! 😊

Rosie May,

This outfit is so me! Love it 😊 I hope you are enjoying your weekend off!

Rosie x

Hello All, I am Big fun of Biker Jackets. Yours really looks COOL.

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