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just sippin on some coffee

So, I just got home from Stockholm last night. I was there for work, and it was a short and fun trip! Today I had to get up bright and early since the painter dude is coming over this morning before I'm heading to work. I'm actually really unsure about the color I was. Initially I had my mind set on pink, but lately i've been feeling a more peachy vibe. And I can't seem to find the right pink. Do you have any suggestions?

Right now I'm feeling these colors from Jotun: Senses, Devine, Deco Pink and Blushing Pink. Do any of you have any experiences with these? I' like Warm Blush too, but I've comed to the conclusion the it's too "dark" for the look I want.

After I let the painter in I'm heading to a meeting and then I have to get a lot of social media work done, before I hurry home to decide which color I want in my bedroom. I'll probably update my stories on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there!