Yesterday at Hendrix Frogner

GOOD MORNING! I didnt exactly go through major changes yesterday, but I still FEEL a major difference. Im going back in a couple of weeks to add some finishing touches, but Im very happy with the color at the moment. I will show you pictures very soon! Today Im getting a lot done in the office before Im working a couple of hours in the store. I love the days that I can do a little bit of both - I love my department and can spend all the time in the world there, but if I dont get shizz done in the office I feel superstressed. Luckily I can do a lot from home as well! ♥ Did you have a good start to the week?

pictures from yesterday

This is what every morning looks like at my house now - greek yoghurt, granola and honey with a cup of coffee. YUM!



so cute!
Hvordan kaffe drikker du? Bruker du kaffemaskin? Jeg er selv helt avhengig av kaffe <3