P I C T U R E S: H A N N E

SOOOOO, the weather has been kinda off lately. It's raining almost every day, and today it's been raining like crazy but still sunny in between. So confusing! Ha ha. Don't know what to wear in this weather... Last night was so cool! Shoutout to Puma for the best night ever. I went with a couple of colleagues and three other stores (yme, stress and tennis) to the Rihanna concert and the we had a little after party at the puma showroom. We had a private lounge at the concert and got the best food and all we could drink. So thankfull for this cool night! Big Sean warmed up for Rih and he was awesome as well. Did any of you go?

sneakers - NIKE, pants - H&M, sweater - BIKBOK, clutch - GIVENCHY, sunnies - HOUSE OF HARLOW



Love this clutch! The color is SO nice *_* xo Vanessa from