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Moved my office out today

GOOD MORNING, HONEYS. Are you ready for a new week? Right now im at Espresso House St. Hanshaugen! Im headed to wah wah at 11.30 so instad of hanging out at home I brought my computer here. I tend to get so much more done when Im not at home. Probably because I cant watch tv while im working, hah. Now I have some emails to answer, and after my Wah Wah-visit Im meeting up with Hanne. We are planning a little vacation and I cant freaking wait! Shes off to work at 16.00, and then Im meeting Mira for a little hangout. Havent seen my boo in forever. A lot of catching up needs to be done! I´ll check back in later. And, omg, the espresso frapino with chocolate sprinkle is DELISH.



Juni Paus,
Altså, den vesken!! <3