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Happy saturday! So far the sun is shining, so hopefully it will last throughout the day! Crossing my fingers. I did a little purchase yesterday that I'm dying to show you, so hopefully I'll manage to snap some photos before work today, or else I will show you tomorrow. I also placed a little shopbop order, and finally bought the Frends headphones. I also bought another thing from THIS post, and I will show you what as soon as the package arrives. Does any of you have the headphones? Are they good? Hopefully the sound is as good as the looks.

The picture above is a little preview of what I wore yesterday! I will post the full outfit tomorrow. I love that Phillip Lim top, such a fun piece that I'm so glad that I got in my wardrobe. ♥ And while I remember; how do you like the new design? I wanted something clean and easy, and I think I'm pretty happy with the result now. Is there anything you don't like, something that don't work for ya? Please let me know in the commentary below! Have a lovely day!



Liker det nye designet 😊