I miss you

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Deeeeear Lord, I miss blogging... Haaaaaha! Been without it for what, 3 days now? Ha ha. I just like putting my shit out there. Oueeeeff, let's hope UB will hurry up and move my blog. I just want to start a fresh start with a new lovely design and everything. I'm moving into a new place in two weeks, so for now I'm just taking pictures and saving everything I wan't to blog when I'm at my new platform so I can take some time off when I'm moving. I guess I didn't really tell you?? I bought an apartment! And I can't freakin wait to move in. 2016 is the best year of my lyfeeeee ❥

While you (and I....) wait, check out my bloppis. Since I'm moving I'm adding stuff daily. I can't bring a zillion pairs of shoes, unfortunately.. Ha ha.