In need of more flowers


Okey, so I'm officially addicted to H&M Home, ha ha. I've been checking the page for news almost every day for a little while now... I'm guessing I have a little bit more free time than I'm used to nowadays, since I've had vacation for the last two weeks of april. So hopefully all this new found free time is to blame is well, but there is just too much good stuff so now that I'm back to work I still have been spending way too much time online haha. !

One of the things I like about H&M is the amazing photos! I love when web shops make an effort, and post more images than normal product images. I even sometimes end up wanting to recreate the arrangements!

1. Grey vase here
2. Orange vase here
3. White vase here
4. Turqouise glass vase here
5. Pink vase here
6. Green glass vase here