khaki & black

pictures: annabel

I LOOOOOVE the color of these pants, but I really hate the fit and that theyre not real leather. Ha ha. I wore them to the Lindex event on wednesday, and I litterally got stuck when I sat down on the wooden chair, ha ha. So if anyone got any tips for real leather pants in khaki, please let me know! Im working this saturday and I think Im just staying in tonight, especially after thursday all of a sudden ended up to be a superduper fun but super spontanious all nighter. Unless something REALLY FUN pops up, I think I need a slow weekend.. Do you have any fun plans?

sneakers - NEW BALANCE, pleatherpants - ZARA, turtleneck - ISABEL MARANT, coat - FALL WINTER SPRING SUMMER, sunnies - HOUSE OF HARLOW, bag - SAINT LAURENT




I'm all about having a slow weekend too. I had a crazy week of packing and moving so a nice, laidback weekend is more than needed! Enjoy in yours! 😊


kan du ikke oppdatere bloppisen din ?????