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new in: "kori" from Alexander Wang

I bought these suede boots the other week. "Needed" a black pair of boots, he he. Ive worn the other suede boots from Wang SO MUCH, so I know I'll get a lot of usage out of these. Its finally friday and I have the weekend off. Dont really know what Im doing tonight, United Bloggers are throwing a fun event but I sort of have other plans so we'll see what I end up with. I dont want a night in for once (I usually like to relax on friday, and go out on saturdays, ha ha) but Im sort of restless. Want to go out and daaaaance the night away! Well, have a good friday. I'll check back in later on today ♥




Fantastic boots and jacket! You look so chic. 😊



I love that coat! and the shoes are amazing! and that bag OMG

everything is amazing!! 😊 😋