P I C T U R E S: K A J A - M A R I E

I feel like lace and leather is such a classic combo - you can never go wrong! I love doing my own twists on things tho, so had to add my Nike hoodie and sneakers to feel like myself. It's finally saturday, and I'm actually home alone for the weekend. It feels good to have the weekend off to just relax, work out, eat good food and CHIIIILLLLL. We're already mid-may, and I can't believe how fast time is flying nowadays. I have to decide on where I wanna go on vacay this year.. Has any of you been to Mexico? I kinda, sorta wanna go.. It looks amazing. Where do one live? Eat? What beach is the prettiest? I need tips ♥

dress - GANNI, hoodie - NIKE, clutch - LOEWE, sneakers - NIKE, leather jacket - IRO



Love this feminine and edgy combo! Liv