lace bras and deep v's

pictures: me

You all know my obsession with lace bras and deep v-necks. I just cant get enough! I searched high and low for the perf v-neck for years, until I found Anine Bing's. They come in black, white (which I both have) and now olive green. Such a pretty color! I havent tried the bra's yet but I'm guessing theyre just as good that the ones I already I have. I'm starting this morning with chocolate and coffee, which is my favourite way to start a sunday.

I'm not doing anything this weekend at all, just a liiittle work and a lot of relaxation. I've been so tired the last week, so I needed a weekend without being hangover and more tired, ha ha.



Rosie May,

That bra is gorgeous! Sometimes you just need to take a couple days to do absolutely nothing, I've been trying that out a lot more lately and I am a lot happier because of it. Enjoy your weekend 😊

Rosie x