Okay, I actually think I'm going to switch up the weekly posts that I've been posting every sunday, and do a "lately" post instead. Some days are quite boring, so I'm guessing it's more fun to see pictures from the days I actually do something else than just work 09-17:00, hah. Do you agree?

Surprise, surprise, I bought flowers, haha. But look how pretty?! I took this picture yesterday, and now the flower has completely opened up, and it's orange inside. I die.

I really, really need a trip to the hairdresser! I realised that when I saw this picture. The edit is a little bit less warm than how I use to edit photos and my hair looks so much better.. Ok, need to book an appointment asap!

Hanne and I have done some vintage and second hand shopping, and I bought this pictures a couple of weeks ago! I'm in love with it, it was even better than what I thought! The colors are amazing. I'm going to put it on the wall behind my dinner table.

I think I need some wooden wine boxes like these on my kitchen shelf?! They are so pretty, and I think they'll make it more neat and clean-looking than just having everything exposed. They also look really good with some plants in them, like on the picture above! They're from Fransk Bazar.

Met up with this beauty for a delicious breakfast at Soho Urban Eatery on a sunny Saturday! I hope they open up more places asap, they have so much delicious food.

There is pretty flowers everywhere, and I just love, love, love spring.

My mom finally came to look at my new living room. I made a risotto and falafel dish, with some delicious bread on the side. 🍴🍝🍅🍞 We have made a deal now, that we are going to have Sunday dinner at least once a month at my place. So I make a yummy dinner and we can spend some time together. We don't live that far away from each other, but we both work a lot so sometimes it's hard to find a time that works for both of us! 💐

My pretty pink lamp is finally up! I'm so excited, it looks so good there. I might have gone a little overboard with all the colors in my living room, but all the green plants I have sort of makes it a little less crazy. Can't wait to show you my entire apartment!

How has your weekend been?



Elsker lampskjermen! Og peonene var såå fine <3
Hei! Hvor har du kjøpt Gustav Klimt bildet ? 😊
Det fant jeg faktisk i en bruktbutikk! <3