light details

The full outfit will be up in a couple of days..

GOOD MORNING! I have the day off (I always have mondays off when Im working saturdays...!) so Im making sure I'll get a lot out of this day! I have been up for a couple of hours already, trying to finish my workload for today so I can enjoy the rest of the day without stressing about shit that needs to be done. In an hour I'm headed to Wah Wah to test a treatment called "crystal clear" which I will tell you more about tomorrow. After that Im hanging out with Mira whom I haven't seen in so long! I was also supposed to visit Cathrine today and eat cake since its her birthday but I think she might have her baby today, ha ha. Cant believe it! Got a text this morning, and its just so surreal. I cant believe I soon will meet her little babygirl! Im so excited and happy!!! ♥



so cute!