How it looks on web.stragram!

GOOD MORNING! Im spending the day in my office, and have a couple of meetings later on so a very nice and cool morning indeed. I just wanted to tell you about something really cool! I've been trying out a new instagram app for the last couple of months that is called liketkit (Like to know it!). It's very easy! I just upload a new photo on instagram and if you like what you see/what im wearing you just like my picture and an email will pop up in your inbox with a link to the product. I have known about it for some time now, so I have already tested it with some of my fave bloggers! I know one of the most annoying things about instagram is when a blogger wears something awesome and you just really really REALLY wants to know where that SUPERCOOL tshirt is from and no ones answering.. Well, liketkit has solved that problem and now all you have to do is register your email once at and then just like the photos that I hashtag with #liketkit and @liketkit. You can find my liketkit profile HERE. (There will be a direct link in my menu very soon!)

After receiving some complaints I'm trying to get better at writing where things are from when im uploading stuff on instagram, but this app makes it so much easier! Now all you have to do is like my picture and all the deetz arrives in your inbox after a couple of seconds. Cool, right? I have uploaded some pictures lately, and I´ll try to do at least a couple a week :-) You can always click on the link to my blog and get the details here, but this is a much simpler solution when you're on the go and want the easiest way! ♥ Sign up and let me know what you think!