How it looks on the the like to homepage!

GOOD MORNING! I just wanted to remind you to sign up to like to! I've been trying out a new instagram app for the last couple of months that is called liketkit (Like to know it!). It's very easy! I just upload a new photo on instagram and if you like what you see/what im wearing you just like my picture and an email will pop up in your inbox with a link to the product. I'm already signed up myself since one of the most annoying things about instagram is when a blogger wears something awesome and you just really really REALLY wants to know where that SUPERCOOL tshirt is from and no ones answering.. Well, liketkit has solved that problem and now all you have to do is register your email once at and then just like the photos that I (or any other blogger) hashtag with #liketkit and @liketkit. You can find my liketkit profile HERE. (There will be a direct link in my menu very soon!) I havent been THAT good at using liketkit the last couple of weeks, but I'll try my best to use it almost every time I post something ♥ It just makes everything so much easier!