maria black

pictures: me
I love Maria Black with a passion! Right now I think we (at Høyer) are really good at really good jewelry, and Maria Black is one of my favourites amongst Line & Jo, Anton Heunis and Tom Wood. Been a while since I posted pics of our display, so thought the brand deserved some attention again. The pieces are like always so effortlessly cool and so easy to wear. I have a regular stack of maybe 6-7 MB rings that I wear every day, and I just cant help myself from buying more. SO.MUCH.COOL.STUFF.

On another note, today is my first day back at work! I really feels so good to be back. Ive missed my job, my colleagues, my awesome department and of course all the prettiness. I will check back in later today, with an apparel-update as well. Have a good monday, and a lovely start to the new week ♥



Thea Lanes,
De er så fine!! Mye mulig jeg går på den smell når jeg begynner å jobbe. Hehe!
SÅ masse fint!! 😊