monday blues


P I C T U R E S: H A N N E

HEPPI MONDAY! It's been raining all day today. Not very fun to be a blogger when it's raining.. So since I have the day off I've just been working on the blog alllll day long, and answering emails. I aslo finally changed up my nails so now I'm back to red. We're starting the sale at Høyer next week so I have to get a lot of blog shit done this week so that I can focus on Høyer work next week. Have a good day <3>

skirt - H&M, tshirt - ISABEL MARANT, jacket - IRO, bag - SAINT LAURENT, sneakers - NIKE CORTEZ



The Trendique,
Love how you combined the sneakers and the skirt! Interesting combo <3 xo Vanessa from