P I C T U R E S: H A N N E

SOOOO, this is what I wore the other day! I love a good denim shorts (and of course a good college, as you all know by now ha ha!) Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend for a hangout as she's going back to Copenhagen very soon! I think I need to book a weekend there asap, I miss Copenhagen! It's been 1,5 years since my last trip, so it's def about time. Did you have a good start to the week?

(adlinks) sweater - WEEKDAY, shorts - VINTAGE, shoes - ATP ATELIER, bag - BALENCIAGA, earrings - H&M



The Trendique,
This look is so on point!!! <3 Perfectly combined with the sweater and shorts. Kisses, Vanessa from
Cute! Seriously your earring collection is just stunning! That bag is deffo a dream as well... xx, Chloe //