Hi! I'm starting something new here on my blog, which is a category where I'll be posting my favourite things: bloggers, products, vintage stores, online shopping sites, resturants - you get it! I'm starting with a blogger which I've known about for years, but it's actually not until 2019 I've started reading her blog, followed her on Instagram and watched her videos. She's just a delight in this superficial blog world. It's all about feeling good in all sorts of ways, and now she's one of few blogs I can't wait to read. She just seems like a really nice person.

She posts a lot about yoga, meditation, monday mantras, healing crystals (she also has her own online crystal shop: here!) and I really have to say that I enjoy reading blogs that are not fashion blogs. It gives me a whole lot more, that's for sure.

you can find Josefin's blog here