OKAY, so there's been a minor crisis going on for the past couple of days. I can't log in to my instagram, because it says the user don't excist. I've gotten messages from people who asked me if I've blocked them, because they can't find me on instagram anymore. I've tried contacting Instagram at least 20 times, and the first day I got a respons saying I needed to send in the picture above along with certain info and so I did, but I haven't gotten any respond after that except from two emails which were written in German... I responded to both emails asking if they please could write in english, and I still haven't got an answer. This happened on tuesday, and I still haven't gotten any help. I mean.. Does Instagram have to worst costumer service in history?! There must be a way to restore my account, if not I've lost over 15.000 followers and all my pictures 💔

Is there anybody out there who knows what I can do to get my account back?