Okay, so I have to tell you about my new job! I've known the guys behind Cavour for years, and we also worked together around 5-6 years ago. When they asked me if I wanted to join the Cavour Woman team there was no doubt in my mind. It just feels right. Hanne is also on the team, which is amazing. I'm so glad I get to work with her again, especially now that we don't live together anymore. She's the Manager and Buyer, and I'm Digital Manager and Buyer. We are leaving for Milan and Paris in June to do our first buying trip together for Cavour Woman, which will be fun! I'm sure it will be long and stressful days but I'm doing it together with my best friend

Cavour Woman is going to be amazing. Our store is opening at Vikaterrassen this fall, and I'm beyond excited. I'm super happy to be on this journey with some of the most hardworking and amazing people I know. You can find Cavour Woman on instagram here and on facebook here.



I’ve been following your blog since I visited Oslo a few years back. Can’t recall if I commented this earlier but I always thought you and Hanne were a couple, now there have been several mentions of your friendship so I’m also more informed 😃
Gratulerer med ny og spennende jobb! 😃