My soul flies free like a willow tree

pictures: hanne

HI LOVELIES! How did your christmas celebration go? I went to sleep around 02:00 last night, and woke up bright and early to enjoy some maccaroons and coffee before we had a delicous christmas brunch! It feels so good to have a few days off. Right now Im cuddling up in a big blanket and my only plan for the rest of the night is to watch SOA and eat a lot, lol. Just like its supposed to be. Tomorrow Im finally meeting Christine again!!!!! I havent seen her since may! Im so excited ♥ I'll pop by later to share some christmas snaps!

skirt - OASIS, tshirt and bra - ANINE BING, bomberjacket - ISABEL MARANT, lamb fur - RAVN, shoes - ISABEL MARANT, clutch - GIVENCHY