new lashes by S&M

New lashes by S&M

GOOD MORNING LOVEBUGS! I have 5 minutes to finish this post before Im starting this day off with a meeting, hah! I stopped by S&M to do my lashes yesterday! I always become red and a little bit itchy the day after, so made sure to snap some pictures yesterday. It goes away after a day or two, thank god. Then I can go back to enjoy my pretty new lashes! Its been over 6 months since my last lash appointment so it was about freakin time. Solveig at S&M put on a full set, which took about 1,5 hour. Im going back in three weeks to refill. I have a tendency to sleep kind of smoshed into my pillow, so I always loose more lashes on the side I sleep on, hah.

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