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best of "budget" from Zara

HOW PRETTY?! I DIED when I saw this at Zara´s webshop! I havent seen it irl tho, but it sure looks delish. Bucket bags are still going strong for SS15 and this one is one of the prettiest I have seen. We are getting a few ones at work as well, but Im not sure if I cant wait for them to arrive when this little fella is out there..

Good morning, by the way! Im soon of to meet up with Hilde, and we are visiting H&M pressoffice to take a look at SS15. After that Im working the rest of the day. We have a busy day a head, and I think we are getting a pretty awesome Maria Black delivery as well.. It will be a good day at work! ♥



Jag har sett den IRL och den är lika fin!! <3
cecilie haehre,
Vil du legge ut bilder av de Nye Maria Black smykkene som kommer? 😊
need that stunning bag! giveaway on my blog! http://hashtagliz.com
You are so cool!