P I C T U R E S: H A N N E

GOOD MORNING! Did you sleep well? I don't start untill 11:00 today so I've enjoyed a slow morning with coffee and a little work. Soon I'm off to work and then I don't really have any plans. Been supertired this week, so I think I'm a little bit behind on sleep after the weekend.. I also have trouble sleeping when it's so light out at night, so I usually stay up way too late. This week is filled with work, a couple of workouts, a visit from Denmark and a birthdayparty! I haven't seen Christine in over a year so I can't wait for her to arrive!! I visited her in february last year, and I always enjoy Denmark so much so I think it's about time a book another trip! Do you have any fun vacation plans this summer?

dress - CARVEN, shoes - NIKE, clutch - GIVENCHY, sunnies - HOUSE OF HARLOW, earrings - VINTAGE



The Trendique,
Ahh I looove this cluch!!! *_* P.s that's a really lovely color combination! Love, Vanessa from