our last morning in Elounda

♥ 2014 ELOUNDA
HELLO FROM (a rainy..) NORWAY! Yes, Im back home. The flight went well, but ended in a migrane attack which led to me falling asleep as soon as I got home and sleeping untill 04 this morning. Since I couldnt sleep any longer I have spent the morning checking my email, putting together blogposts, catching up on blogloving and so on.

I have the day off today as well, so Im spending the day getting organized, unpacking and getting ready for everyday life tomorrow! It feels good to be home, but at the same time a couple of more days in the sun really wouldnt hurt. Now I have to get up and get this day started. But first: COFFEE!



Love your sunnies and shoes a lot! http://trendenciesblog.com https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12630625
I love your total black look! You both are stunning www.sassique.com