P A R T 2


P I C T U R E S: K A J A - M A R I E

HAPPY SATURDAY! I've been waiting for this day for what feels like forever, haha. Feels sooo good to have the day off, and just relax a little. I just woke up from a little power nap, and I soon have a burger date with some friends before we're going out later on tonight. Did you have a good start to the week? Oh, and here you can have a better look at my new boots! They're so nice. Can't wait to wear them with dresses and skirts as well. Okey, gotta go get ready! Have a good saturday ♥

shoes - ZARA, pants - H&M, sweater - H&M, sunnies - H&M, clutch - ALEXANDER WANG, necklace - MARIA BLACK