Bags bags bags.., Cravings
(adlinks) Get the suede Antigona HERE, get the green suede Obsedia HERE

Oh my lordy, when these two popped up at mytheresa I seriously drooled all over my Macbook. I've always had a thing for suede, and always had a thing for Givenchy so when you put those two together.. i die. I'm already mourning the "loss" of these two, because most likely they will fall under the category "the ones that got away". I'm already planning of buying two bags in the next weeks, so can't really justify two more.

Which bags are on your wish list/buying list this fall? ♥



Den blåfargen på Antigonaen er nydelig. Har sett på Pandora i samme farge, og kunne tenkt meg Celine Box Bag i cognacfarge. Det er jo så mye fint!