P I C T U R E S: K A J A - M A R I E

HAAAH, I know, I look ridic with those shoes in all that snow.. I was wearing the shoes inside, and was very happy with my new slip ins so I wanted to show them to the world and didn't really know the situation going on outside with the snow. I got so many weird looks.... Which is understandable, ha ha. It's soooo cold in Oslo now, so I don't really know what to wear to keep warm. Yesterday i was freezing all day long, and didn't really get warm until I worked out in the evening. Another reason to get my work out on these days I guess, ha ha. The only way to get warm right now. Have a good wednesday! ♥

jacket - H&M, jeans - H&M, slip ins - ZARA, hoodie - H&M, earrings - VINTAGE, bag - MAX MARA