♥ 2014 PARIS
So, I had the best trip to Paris. I think its so important to have something to look forward to, something to keep you positive and happy. Paris was that for me. I was so excited to explore the city with my bestie and Im sooo close to book another trip right away. I think Hanne and I are made for travelling together, ha ha. Shes my perfect travelbuddy. I love travelling with Morten as well but there will always be a conflict of interests, whereas with Hanne, we share all the same interests. A match made in heaven really. As I mentioned before we walked EVERYWHERE, except for when we visited the outlet which is an hour away with train .. (Im not THAT into walking) Im really glad we walked around so much, because now I got a much better feel of the city than I did the last time I was there. Morten and I took the metro everywhere, and that left me with the feeling that Paris was so complicated when its really not. If we didnt find the place we we`re looking for we just asked someone, and everyone was really helpfull. If youre having trouble with finding people that speaks english, then just stop by a starbucks! I´ve gathered some pictures from my trip, and if you have any questions about Paris and my stay feel free to ask them in this post :-) (Im no expert, I will just share my experiences and tips!) ♥



Great photos! I love walking everywhere when I'm visiting new cities, that's the best way to discover the city and feel it's vibe 😊