some of my latest cravings ❥

glitter cover - HERE, sunnies - HERE, brown boots - HERE, pink sherling jacket - HERE, gold sunnies - HERE, green earrings - HERE, brown sherling jacket - HERE, white sneakers - HERE, green cover - HERE, pink bomber jacket - HERE, sandals - HERE, multicolored cover - HERE

ITS BEEN A WHILE since I did a cravings post with stuff from Shopbop. To be honest, Ive been kinda bad at checking online stores the last months - I guess its partly because I work where I work. I usualy get my shopping cravings satisfied there.. I dont really go to stores any more either, and if I do its usually a short affair. In and out in two minutes. But I have sort of missed doing these kind of posts! I think its fun pulling together looks and cravings for the blog. I will probably post 1-2 each week, with either cravings or full looks. I have in a way lost some of the joy with blogging the last year. In little bit over a month I will be back to blogging on my own, and I think that just the fact that I can manage everything myself again will bring back a lot of joy. I have really missed it! The last year I feel like I have only posted apparel posts and usually because I feel like I have to.. Now its about time to make it fun again! Are you with me?



Those shearling jacketsss! <3
I knoooooow! So yummy! <3