sunday in bed

pictures: me

I love slow mornings doing absolutely nothing and this morning I have done just that. Nothing. I woke up quite early and felt well rested, so I have spent this morning in bed with chocolate, books and netflix. We got our first delivery with books from Assouline to my department a couple of days ago and you know I looove coffeetable books, so I had to get one. We got so many cool ones, but I started with this little one from Marc Jacobs ♥ Now its back to watching Netflix under my blanket.. Happy sunday!



Kan du pleeeeeeeease legge ut veskekolleksjonen din? feks fortelle litt om historien din bak valg av veske osv? spart opp/røverkjøp/favouritt/spontankjøp osv 😃
Did you like Alexa's book? Lovely pictures x
Looks good! xx Stephanie