the butchers daugther

Fashionjunkiie travels, ♥ 2015 NYC
pictures: me & Hanne

YESTERDAY WAS OUR first day in the big city and we started with one of the places EVERYONE has recommended us, The Butchers Daugther! We had to order the avodkado toast since everyone is talking about it, ha ha. It sure was good! After that we just walked around for many hours, just getting to know the city! One thing Ive noticed is that everyone is like "oh, you have to take the subway, theres so huuuuge distances" but I dont really agree. I think we can walk to almost everything from Brooklyn. To Central Park its like a 1,5 hour long walk, and I rrrreeeally dont mind that when its warm and sunny out.



Luisa Fernanda del Mar

Herlig! Og så koselig å kunne gå fra en ende til en annen, det er jo perfekt så lenge været er fint.