MONDAY! I've had a relaxing weekend, even though I worked Saturday. It has mainly been all about just me and the couch, haha. . I've also started watching Hollywood on Netflix, have you guys seen it? What do you think?

The weather hasn't been on our side, but I still enjoyed a few glimpses of sunshine here and there. I made a new batch of licorice balls, and also banana bread! I love having snacks available.

I've eaten a lot of mozzarella, haha. I eat this for dinner maybe 1-2 times a week. So easy. And so good!

I've actually fixed my hair some days! haha. I remember a couple of years ago I curled my hair EVERY DAY, and then I chopped it off and wore it straight most of the time. When it got longer again I just got lazy, and now I don't really do much most days. But I like it like this! So gotta get back to fixing it more.
I've put a new poster up on the wall. I like this print a lot! I also been taking good care of my plants, pictured here on their weekly shower.

I don't know whats happened, but I'm obviously on some sort of pink vibe at the moment. I love this sweater, it is from Les Coyotes des Paris, and the color is just poppin. So, did you check out What do you think? Amazing, right?!



Så cool dräkt! Wow alltså!