the last couple of days...

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I've spent the last couple of days trying out different colors in my hallway. I was kind of set on light blue or mint green, and I checked out two colors beforehand but I also picked up three others that I thought looked good in the store. I quickly knew which my favourites were, and it was the light blue, mint green and one that's kind of a darker light blue. I *think* I've decided that the darker light blue has too much purple in it..

These are the two I can't decide between... The one to the left is a bit more icey blue and the one to the right is more mint green. The mint green one is a softer and more calm color, but I want a fresh color so I'm not sure what to do. I want a color that makes me happy when I come home, haha. I tried moving some interior out there to get a little impression on how the colors work with different things. What do you think?



Spennende! Likte begge fargene jeg, haha <3
Haha, jeg og!! Så klarer ikke helt å velge merker jeg..