♥ 2016 CORFU, Fashionjunkiie travels

P I C T U R E S: M E & H A N N E

I have such a hard time choosing pictures, because I just wanna show you all of them. This vacation has been one of the best everrrrr, and I'm so glad that I travelled with my best friend. She's my perfect match, so that's how we are able to live together, work together AND travel together ha ha. Now I'm not her boss any more, but we still work together at Høyer since she has becommed department manager at Høyer Luxury! I'm so proud of her. She is the perfect boss lady! Our trip to Corfu was 100% relaxation, which was what we both needed after a very busy year so far with lots of work. The walls and colors in Corfu was fantastic! It's only been a month, but I wanna go back so bad... Maybe have to book a trip somewhere very soon ♥



Luisa Fernanda del Mar,
Åh, jeg kunne hatt sommer igjen nå jeg. Fine tilbakeblikk!
Anita Bøen
Så mange fine bilder 😊 Det så superkoselig ut der 😊