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THURSDAY! This week is flying by for sure. I didn't make it to the event today because of work since we have a lot of deadlines these days. Tomorrow I'm spending the day at the office and later on I have to prepare for The Fashion Archives on Saturday, I'm spending my Saturday at The Fashion Archives and then I'm heading home to just relaaaaax. On sunday I need to clean up my soon to be bedroom, since I'm having it painted very soon. Then I have to pack for Stockholm before I need to finish up some work since I'll be away for two days the upcoming week.

When I realized it was Thursday today, I became shocked, ha ha. I'm having fun though, so that's all that matters. Okay, now I'm actually going to bed. I managed to slice off a little bit of my finger when I made dinner earlier and have been feeling kind of off since then even though it doesn't hurt anymore. YUCK! It was so disgusting.. Anyways, have a good evening! ❤️