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picures: me HEPPI TUESDAY! I'm so heppi with my little jewelry collection at the moment. I have so many pretty vintage pieces! I'm so glad that Hanne is THE BEST at finding pretty vintage jewelry. My collection keeps growing all the time, and I can't wait to show you some of Hanni's pieces as well. Right now I'm relaxing while sippin on a coffee. I have to get ready for work after I finish up this post, so now I'm trying to think of something fun to wear.. I can't wait for bare legs season! That means more options, and makes it a whole lot easier. Here in Norway we have maybe 3-4 months of bare legs weather and a whooooole lot of not bare legs weather, ha ha. Wish me luck in finding something cool to wear! Have a good day



The Trendique,
Gorgeous jewelry! <3 xo Vanessa |
gorgeous jewelry
Aaah these are to die for. Would you make a post about where you and Hanna buy these gorgeous earrings? Or maybe you have? Hanna has a great taste?